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Orthodox Resistance


Liturgical Ecumenism: A Propaedeutic to the True Nature of the Great Synod of 2016 (English pdf, 818 KB, Greek pdf, 1.7 MB)

Journey to the “Holy and Great Synod” (English pdf, 1.1 MB, Greek pdf, 2.55 MB)

The Eternal Boundaries of Orthodoxy and the “New Ecclesiology” of the Ecumenists (Sunday of Orthodoxy, 2015) (English pdf, 508 KB)

Ecumenism in the Homestretch and the Orthodox Witness of a Contemporary Saint and Confessor (Synodal Gathering, Sunday of Orthodoxy, 2015) (English pdf, 460 KB)

Resolution: Genuine Orthodoxy in View of the Challenge of 2016 (Third Clergy Synaxis, Phyle, Athens, Tuesday, November 5/18, 2014) (English pdf, 272 KB)

Genuine Orthodoxy in View of the Challenge of 2016 (English pdf, 1 MB; Greek pdf 700 KB)

Pastoral Letter: “‘Schism’ or ‘Walling-Off’?” (English pdf, 95 KB; Arabic pdf, 191 KB; Greek pdf, 159 KB; Romanian pdf, 127 KB; Russian pdf, 136 KB)

The Calendar Question and the Heresy of Ecumenism

The Old Calendar Greek Orthodox Church: A Brief History (English pdf, 656 KB)

A Contribution to the Theology of Orthodox Resistance and Walling-Off (English pdf, 420 KB)

Saint Mark of Ephesos: A Book Review (English pdf, 328 KB)

The “Sacred Legacy” of Saint Mark of Ephesus (English pdf, 228 KB)

“The Ultimate Guaranty of Truth” (English pdf, 76 KB)

“St. Basil the Great and the Ecclesiology of Resistance: Communion with Heretical Bishops is Inadmissible” (English pdf, 15 KB; Greek pdf, 93 KB)
Communion is a matter of substance and not of form

"The Ecclesiological Precepts of Saint Theodore the Studite" (English pdf, 35 KB; Greek pdf, 357 KB)
St. Theodore the Studite and his ‘Non-Communion’ with the Moechians and the Iconoclasts”

St. Athanasios the Great: Teacher of Orthodox Walling-Off (English pdf, 208 KB; Greek pdf, 71 KB)

“Walling-Off from the Ecumenists Is a Matter of Urgency Envisaged by the Holy Fathers” (English pdf, 404 KB; Greek pdf, 120 KB)

• The Saintly Metropolitan Philaret, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad [† 1985]
- Biography: Metropolitan Philaret, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (1903-1985) (English pdf, 571 KB; Greek pdf, 120 KB)
- Text I: An Appeal to His All-Holiness, Oecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople (English pdf, 92 KB; Greek pdf, 84 KB)
- Text II: Open Letter (Sunday of Orthodoxy 1969) (English pdf, 100 KB; Greek pdf, 91 KB)
- Text III: The Thyateira Confession: An Appeal by Metropolitan Philaret to the Primates of the Holy Churches of God, and Their Eminences, the Orthodox Hierarchs (English pdf, 100 KB; Greek pdf, 99 KB)
- Text IV: Sorrowful Epistle (14/27 July 1969) (English pdf, 160 KB; Greek pdf, 157 KB)
- Text V: Second Sorrowful Epistle (1972) (Greek pdf, 178 KB)

A Momentous Letter from Elder Philotheos (Zervakos) (English pdf, 207 KB; Greek pdf, 369 KB)

Second Momentous Letter from Elder Philotheos (Zervakos), in which he defends his spiritual son, the present Metropolitan Cyprian (English pdf, 151 KB; Greek pdf, 152 KB)

Holy Zeal (English pdf, 106 KB; Greek pdf, 158 KB)
by Archbishop Averky of Syracuse and Holy Trinity († 31.3.1976)

The Immoderate and Self-Absorbed Anti-Old Calendarist Zeal of the Innovative New Calendarists
A Brief Critique of Five Unfortunate Texts by Father G. Kalpouzos, Father B. Bakogiannis, D. Kokores, A. Korakides, and the Christian Guild of Kalamata
- Part I (English pdf, 313 KB; Greek pdf, 289 KB)
- Part II (English pdf, 291 KB; Greek pdf, 202 KB)
- Part III (English pdf, 341 KB; Greek pdf, 210 KB)
- Part IV (English pdf, 331 KB; Greek pdf, 230 KB)

“The ‘Walling-Off’ and ‘Zeal’ of a Former ‘Zealot’” (Part I) (Greek pdf, 75 KB)
“The ‘Walling-Off’ and ‘Zeal’ of a Former ‘Zealot’” (Part II) (Greek pdf, 111 KB)

- A response to the former “Zealot” monk Baseilios Gregoriates.

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