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Archdiocese of Etna (California)

Headquarters and Administration

   St. Gregory Palamas Monastery, Etna, California, U.S.A.  

• Administration

- The Most Rev­er­end Arch­bishop Chry­sos­to­mos of Etna

Archbishop Chrysostomos served as Exarch for the Holy Synod in Resistance in America until October of 2012, when for reasons of health he asked to be relieved of his administrative duties, which have been assumed by His Grace, Bishop Auxentios of Photike.

   Assistant Bishop and Acting Exarch:

- The Right Reverend Bishop Auxentios of Photiki

• Headquarters: Etna, California, USA
• Address:
  - The Most Rev. Chrysostomos, Archbishop of Etna,
    St. Gregory Palamas Monastery, P.O. Box 398,
    Etna, CA 96027-0398 - U.S.A.

  - The Right Rev. Auxentios, Titular Bishop of Photiki,
    P.O. Box 398, Etna, CA 96027-0398 - U.S.A.
  - Telephone number: (001) 530 467-3228
    Fax number: (001) 530 467-5828

• Clergy and Monastics

  - Total active Clergy: 20
  - Total Monastics: 35

  - Hieromonks: 5
  - Hierodeacons: 2
  - Married Presbyters: 11
  - Married Deacons: 2

  - Retired married Presbyters: 3
      Very Reverend Protopresbyter Father Dr. Joseph Miller
      Reverend Father Dr. Michael Nedelsky
      Very Reverend Protopresbyter Father Gabriel Lee
      Very Reverend Protopresbyter Father Dr. James Thornton

  - Inactive or unassigned married Presbyters: 1
      Reverend Father Dr. Gregory Telepneff

  - Monks: 13
  - Nuns: 22

  - Reposed Clergy and Monastics
      Reposed monks: 3
       † Reverend Hieromonk David
       † Reverend Hieromonk John
       † Schemamonk Father Andrew
      Reposed nuns: 2
       † Schema-nun Kypriane
       † Nun Olga
      Reposed married Deacons: 1
       † Reverend Deacon Father George Chee

• Parishes, Missions, and Monastic Institutions

  - Parishes and Missions: 10
  - Monastic Institutions: 3

• Clergy List

Monastic clergy:

Very Reverend Archimandrite Father Dr. Akakios

Reverend Hieromonk Father Dr. Patapios

Reverend Hieromonk Father Gregory

Very Reverend Hegumen Father Sofronije

Very Reverend Protosindjel Father Dionisije

Reverend Hierodeacon Father Nectarios

Reverend Hierodeacon Father Photii

Married Clergy:

Reverend Father Demetrios Sarlakes

Very Reverend Protopresbyter Father Dr. James Thornton

Reverend Father Nicholas Chernjavsky

Reverend Father George Poullas

Very Reverend Protopresbyter Father Raphael Abraham, Dean of the Exarchate

Reverend Father John Abraham

Reverend Father Jakov Ferens

Reverend Father Jerome Zubricky

Very Reverend Protopresbyter Father David Cownie

Reverend Father Joshua Vander Plaats

Reverend Father George Mavromatis

Reverend Deacon Father Dr. Peter Bushunow

Very Reverend Protodeacon Father George Skvor

• To see a list of Par­ishes and Churches or Mon­as­ter­ies and Con­vents, with details and pho­to­graphs, or to read about Exarch­ate Activ­i­ties, see menu scroll at far left and click on desired item, under Arch­dio­cese of Etna (Cal­ifornia).

Exarchate Clergy Conference, 2005

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